Frequently Asked Questions


What do you use for packaging?
All our packages are shipped in a cardboard box with a frozen grade insulated liner. We use dry ice to make sure your meat is frozen when it gets to your location and we calculate the amount of dry ice to use based on your location. It is common for the dry ice to be evaporated by the time you open your package.
When does my order arrive?
We typically ship on Mondays and Tuesdays so your package will get to you within two days. It should arrive within 7 days of your order.
Do you deliver to my state?
We currently only deliver to the following states: TX, LA, AR, OK, MS, AL, TN, MO, IL, KS, NM, CO, KY, AZ, NV, UT - We hope to deliver nationwide soon.
Does everything ship frozen? Do I need to be home?
Your order should be fine on your doorstep throughout the day, but you should put your beef in the freezer whenever you can get to the package.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is a flat $12 for everywhere we deliver.
What do I do with the dry ice?
Be careful when removing the dry ice, you should handle it with protective gloves or a towel. You can dispose of the dry ice by letting it sublimate in a ventilated area.


What does grass fed mean?
To us, grass fed means that the cows were fed 100% grass during their entire lifetime. Or in other words, “grass fed, grass finished”. Regardless our cows are raised directly by the Circle J Ranch and we have complete control over how the animal is produced and processed.
No antibiotics or hormones? What about sick animals?
If any of our animals get sick, we do treat them, but we take them out of the supply of beef we provide to our customers. We are devoted to providing the best and most natural product to you.
Meet Your Meat
If you purchase over $500 of meat in a calendar year, you will be invited to a special customer event where you will get a chance to explore the Circle J Ranch and “meet your meat” and learn about how we sustainably raise cattle.
Where can you find our meat?
Right now our meat is only available in our online store. We also offer Half Cows and Full Cows for purchase as well. For info on larger purchases contact us at

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