Dry Aged Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Chuck Steak

$9.00 USD $10.50 USD

Each chuck steak is about .75 LB (12 oz)  

The chuck steak is steak more prized for it's flavor than tenderness. It is the largest part of the chuck primal. We encourage you to marinade this steak and grill it to medium rare. 

  • 21 Day Dry Age for the best flavor and tenderness
  • No grain, Antibiotics, GMOs, or Hormones  - ever 
  • Frozen & vacuum sealed to conserve peak freshness 

Did you know that most grass fed beef in America is actually imported from other countries? And those products can actually be labeled “product of the USA?” Most of the time you as a customer have no idea if that animal has really been on grass their entire life. To us, grass fed means that the cows were fed 100% grass during their entire lifetime without shortcuts. Or in other words,grass fed, grass finished”. All our cows are raised directly by the Circle J Ranch and we have complete control over how the animal is produced and processed. We are passionate about giving people a healthy and quality product that we consider one of a kind. Raising cattle is an artisan craft we are excited to share with our customers. If any of our animals get sick, we do treat them, but we take them out of the supply of beef we provide to our grass fed customers. We are devoted to providing the best and most natural product to you, direct from our ranch in the great state of Texas. Each animal is processed at either a local USDA or state inspected facility and dry aged to enhance flavor and tenderness producing “craft” grass fed beef from our ranch to your table.